Wednesday, May 15, 2013


By Yusuf Ssessanga

The Iringa Living lab members taking part in the Getsmarter Internet Super User course are now half done with the course, and are getting smarter, as one member Anold Luhwago always puts it. According to Anold, the course has been an eye opening experience for him. Just in the third week of study, people around his work place realised he has extra knowledge about internet and two of the neighbours asked him for help. He offered the help and was paid for it. He is now figuring out how to turn this knowledge into a real business opportunity.

Some of the Participants in the Internet Super user course sharing ideas. A young participant gives them company.

I have personally been shocked at what I did not know about the internet and computers. I now realise I have been taking online security lightly, but also not using the power of the internet to its fullest. And I am not alone. Participants attest to the same. 

The purpose of training six members of Iringa Living Lab is to start building capacity of the members who can train others competently. As Iringa Living Lab, we have a plan to start offering training to different groups of people on social media and entrepreneurship, in a more structured way than we are currently doing. This course is preparation for this. We shall recruit young people first, especially those who have not been lucky to continue with formal education after secondary school. 

We shall take them through intensive training for six months, after which they will graduate and those with passion and more competence will be recruited to train the next batch. The Internet Super user course therefore comes at the right time, because we believe we will have a competent team of trainers who will make these plans possible.

Another participant, Ambrose who is a community and church leader is very excited about the course and can’t wait to enrol some members from the community into the Grow Academy, our six months training program.

But the Internet Super User course has also been challenging to some participants, especially the fact that it is online and physical contact with the trainer is not possible. Hence the first weeks did not go well with a few of us. Now we are all getting used to this new methodology of learning, which is unavoidable in the 21st century. 

As we run the last half, I trust we shall all be able to graduate with a certificate from the Prestigious University of Cape Town.

A big thank you to Rlabs Cape town who are making this possible. A big up to TANZICT who play the role enabling role.

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