Thursday, August 22, 2013


Mr. Alfred Mmasi is a humble, approachable man with a lot to share with the world. Born in Iringa many years ago, he went to Mwembetogwa Primary School and Highland High school were he completed form four. He did not continue with formal education after that.

His limited education however has not limited his creativity.
He once read a book about an American teacher who
started rearing chicken, from 50, to 300, 1000, to 2000, to 10,000 and 100000 birds. This story inspired him, so he decided to do the same. He started with 300 broilers, but later realised they are not profitable, so he branched into layers.
But the challenge was capital. After visiting and agricultural exhibition an idea was born: he saw incubators being displayed and thought...hmm, I can make this. And he did!!His incubator has two electric bulbs, a fun from a broken down fridge, and a water trough. It can hatch 1000 eggs at a time.
Mr.Mmasi showing infront of his locally made incubator

Yesterday we visited him at his Wilolesi home were he does the chicken business. Currently he has 900 birds, that produce 30trays per day. He also sells chicks at Tshs.3000@. They are Malawi chicken (Rhodesian....?)
"Young men and women, it's possible, you can do it, just think outside the box. You don't have to look for a job, you can create one where you are. You get whatever you want from a simple idea. Look, that Lexus you see there is from chicken" He concluded his talk.
Members of Iringa Living lab after the talk by Mr. Mmasi on 20th August 2013. Behind is the Lexus he bought recently thanks to the poultry project.

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