Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Last Saturday our Ujasiliamali (Entrepreneurship) Weekend program kicked off at the usual venue. Six participants were in attendance.
After check-in, we had a discussion on why we want to be entrepreneurs, what entrepreneurs bring on the market and a “think outside the box” exercise. Participants analysed the value they can add to maize straw (which is usually burnt since it is considered useless by most farmers).

After about ten minutes, participants had come up with seven unusual uses of maize straw.
The climax of the day was a practical exercise on mushroom production. And guess what we use to grow Mushroom? Maize straw!!
Participants discussing the potential uses of maize straw

We boiled maize straw to disinfect it before sowing spawn (mushroom “seed”). The sowing of spawn took place the following day.
Maize straw being prepared for boiling

The idea is to show potential entrepreneurs how we can add value even to objects/materials that might not appear useful initially. The mushroom project will go a long way in hammering home some key entrepreneurship principles: First: Entrepreneurs add value and create wealth out of seemingly not so useful resources.

As we embark on this journey of starting and growing enterprises, do not   hesitate to share with us any ideas that you think may add value to our Ujasiriamali weekend. Waiting to hear from you!!

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